Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blackbird Society Orchestra : Philadelphia's Premier 1920s Jazz Band

Blackbird Society Orchestra is Philadelphia's Premier 1920s Hot Jazz / Dance Orchestra dedicated to the preservation of the music of "The Jazz Age", "The Roaring 20s" , "The Gatsby Era"....Flappers, Prohibition, Gansters , Model A's and the invention of an American art form known as "Jazz" ! For Booking information please contact Richard Barnes at 484.478.1638 or

Perfect for formal dancing, dining and theme parties -  the full formal Orchestra is available up to 11pcs .
Working from band leader Richard Barnes' collection of original vintage stock charts and arrangements, BSO authentically and accurately recreates many classic jazz recordings that once spun on scratchy 78 records on a Victrola when the world was still in black and white !
On any given night you can hear music by the great innovators of Jazz like :
...and many many more !

Blackbird Society Orchestra as a smaller band
Designed to fit your venue , event or budget
From 2 3...4....5...up to 11

Aaron Irwin (clarinwt/sax)-Richard Barnes (guitar/banjo/vocal)-Paul Rogers (trumpet)

Add a piano, trombone, violin, drums.....

AUDIO of  Blackbird Society Orchestra :

"I'm More Than Satisfied" - originally recorded by the Chicago Loopers featuring Bix Beiderbecke.

3 Song Sampler - "Varsity Drag" , "Japanese Sandman" , "Paddlin Madelin Home"

"Singin the Blues" - As recorded by Bix with Frankie Trumbaurer, Eddie Lang

"Snag It" - King Oliver

Here is some video of the Historic event hosted by Blackbird Society Orchestra at Chris' Jazz Cafe on October 25th 2010 that honored Eddie Lang , the father of Jazz guitar and Philadelphia native.

For info and photos click  Eddie Lang Day in Philadelphia 2010

Highlight footage from the event - several performers and the Mayoral Proclomation

"Wild Cat" -  Richard Barnes & Michael Salsburg perform a Lang & Venuti composition

"Black and Blue Bottom" - Barnes & Salsburg joined by John Southard ( piano) and Ed Wise( bass) to recreate an uptempo version of the first song recorded by Lang & Venuti .